Commitment to development for personnel in the business
      Faithful for business
      Preserve to environment
      To be responsible to our society


To realize the best quality
Delivery on time
Continual improvement
To make customer satisfaction

     THAI H.K.D Co.,Ltd. has realized the importance of environment , both in regional and global , also the
customer requirement altogether with our surface treatment of metal by using high technology.
Our company aims to preserve environment and to do our works based on dedication toward society. Therefore , we had set up environmental management system with following policy to maintain and continual improve environment condition. Our Management Team altogether with all employees
are committting and trying hard to support below factors.    

1. To improve environmental management system , processes , and products of company based on the standard of ISO 14001.
2. To comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations , and with other requirements to which the company subscribes and to attempt to make more local confidence by bringing principles up to become standard for company's processing.
3. We realizes that to run any business in Kingdom of Thailand we should highly attach importance to natural resource and energy preservation by utilize most uses of them.
4. To prevent the pollution for waste water , air release and waste by setting up environmental objectives and targets to do in practice and periodical review by considering from environmental impact that occurred from company's activities so that continual improvement would run but least affects to the environment.
5. To make awareness and real understanding of environmental quality to employee by setting knowledge orientations , distributing environment information and news , declaring and available the environmental policy to employee and public , thus we could also make understanding and cooperation with interest party. In case of occurred requirements from public , we will bring those to consider for reviewing and improvement of our company later on.